The actor known for his comedic skits and “wicked” parts in several films, Dr. Likee, claimed that a well-known YouTuber pushed him to start a YouTube account and diligently fill it with interesting stuff.

When Dr. Likee went from being a hero to a zero, he stated that that bit of advice and his choice to take it transformed his life. The actor, who acknowledged peddling hard narcotics before entering the film business, claimed that he had lost all of the money he had invested in Galamsey, which had made life intolerable.

But something changed when a buddy he had previously assisted came to his aid.

On The Delay Show, which was broadcast on January 15, 2023, Dr. Likee remarked in the Twi language, “When I was affluent, I bought a plane ticket for a buddy named Louis to fly to China.” “I jumped in to help since he had a visa but didn’t have money for the airfare.” He had a trip planned for me to China. I was bankrupt by the time he returned.

He led me to Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Maya Wode Each person owned a laptop. Dr. Likee said that Wode Maya approached him and counseled him to take YouTube seriously since it would be lucrative.

He claims that after disobeying Wode Maya’s advice, the well-known YouTuber nonetheless made an account for him.

Dr. Likee said why he disregarded Wode Maya’s advice: “I didn’t know anything about it and assumed the procedure would be lengthy.” When I got back to Ghana, Polino also mentioned YouTube.

From that point on, Ras Nene stated that he followed Wode Maya’s guidance and produced content.

Dr. Likee, also known as Dr. Likee, has gained popularity over the past few years on numerous social media platforms because of his amusing and engaging material. He has changed from an actor who portrayed the character of an armed robber, drug dealer, and executioner to one who entertains his viewers with humor.