A 65-year-old man Otu Acquah a.k.a Adi Wako has shot the life of a 25-year-old man at Kwesi Larbi near Okorase in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region over avocado pear fruit.

According to information gathered by Alrich24newagh.com reporter Apelete Kofi-Michel, the deceased whose name was only given as Ben had gone with his friend to the house of the suspect to pluck some pears around 11 pm on Saturday, April 23, 2023.

Unfortunately for them, the 65-year-old suspect, Otu Acquah a.k.a Adi Wako who could not control his anger with the excuse that the victim and his friend were thieves, pulled a gun and shot through the pear tree which the deceased had already climbed, killing him instantly.

According to Francis, the friend of the deceased who escaped the gunshots, they had closed from a program and were on their way home, but decided to have some avocado ๐Ÿฅ‘ pear fruits from the suspectโ€™s house, little did he know that was going to be the end of his friendโ€™s life. He said theyโ€™re from the Volta Region, Ho.

Meanwhile, according to the Assemblyman for the area, Godfred Abangah, some other young men and women including the victim and his friend are lured to the area by a company called Qnet to work for them. However, due to the poor working conditions, most of these young ones engage in other stuff to take care of themselves.

The Chief of the area, Nana Kwesi Larbi also described the incident as very unfortunate as itโ€™s a disgrace and a dent in the image of the community.

Some of the residents who speak in an interview said Mr Otu Acquah stormed the Suhum Police Station to report himself for shooting a staff of a Qnet.

The deceased was taken to the Suhum Government Hospital Morgue for Preservation. The suspect, Otu Acquah, is currently in police cells assisting in the investigation.

Story by Kofi Michel/flyfmghana.com