A young woman who has only been identified as Christabel has been murdered by a gang of ghetto boys in Konongo.

The young Ghetto boys who murdered her are reported to be her friends who she had been frequently buying weed from.

Kessben FM’s reporter in the Ashanti Akyem Central, Multi Pee reporting on Breaking News said the Ghetto boys felt the deceased had been giving tip-offs about them to the police.

Christabel once brought a military man to their Ghetto to buy weed and they have since suspected her to be the one who had been given the police information about them.

The Ghetto boys who knew the room of Christabel went to visit her and told her to come along at nearby school where they later killed her.

Majority of the Ghetto boys have since been picked up by the police after the murder.

Upon police interrogation, they pleaded guilty to the horrendous act.