Ghanaian actress Shugatiti has addressed critics who have labelled her a ‘prostitute’ based on her social media activities.

In a candid discussion with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom FM, she argued that women who engage in sexual relationships with multiple men outside of marriage could be considered prostitutes based on their behaviour.

People call me a prostitute, but in my opinion, if a woman is involved with multiple men without being married, she fits the definition of a prostitute. That’s how I see it. Personally, I have only dated one Nigerian,” Shugatiti asserted.

She stressed that prostitution extends beyond street solicitation, highlighting that it also includes those involved in multiple premarital relationships.

Expressing her indifference to online criticism, Shugatiti maintained that her perspective is rooted in a broader understanding of the term ‘prostitution.’

“Prostitution is not just about standing on the streets. It involves anyone who engages in sexual activities with multiple partners outside of marriage,” she explained.

Shugatiti cited an example of a woman she knows who is dating multiple men simultaneously, attributing this trend to economic challenges. The comment has sparked mixed reactions on social media.