Ghanaian actor Dr. Likee, also known as Ras Nene, has made a startling revelation during an interview on “Okukuseku the Show,” hosted by Emelia Brobbey.

In the interview, Dr. Likee shared details of how popular Ghanaian YouTuber, Wode Maya was instrumental in helping him earn his first $20,000 from YouTube.

Dr. Likee recounted meeting Wode Maya in China some time ago, where the award-winning YouTuber provided him with invaluable guidance on starting his own YouTube channel.

Although the conversation left him feeling sad and overwhelmed, due to his limited formal education, however, he decided to give it a shot upon returning to Ghana.

“When Wode Maya started talking about YouTube and the potential earnings, I felt very sad because I couldn’t comprehend most of it. I didn’t attend school, so it was hard for me,” Dr. Likee admitted.

Despite facing ridicule from some of his colleagues who believed he was too established in the industry to venture into YouTube, the actor who arguably one of the favorites of many now said that he remained focused on his goal. “Some of my colleagues laughed at me and said I was a senior in the industry and shouldn’t be doing those things. But I knew my end game, and it paid off.”

He added that hid determination was rewarded when he finally saw the fruits of his labor.

Dr. Likee described the interesting experience of going to the bank for the first time to withdraw his YouTube earnings, guided by Wode Maya. “The first day Wode Maya directed me to the bank to take the money, I felt it was a trap because the money was too huge,” he revealed.

“However, after I walked out safely, I went to lock myself in my room and counted the money, which amounted to $20,000. I instantly called Wode Maya to thank him,” he added.