Great Ampong, the seasoned gospel musician, has called Christians very evil.

Ampong stated during a Happy FM interview that he will always perceive Muslims as being more kind and nice than Christians, despite the fact that he is a devout Christian.

Even though he spent nine years sleeping at a church due to his homelessness and lack of employment, he claims that “no one in the church ever welcomed me home to eat or even offered me money for food… Christians are bad people.

He said that there were occasions when all he and his siblings could find to eat was gari soaked in water.

“These are a few of the challenges that come with Christianity.” In 2003, Alhaji Banda was the first guy to ever gift me GHC 300.00. He was the one who actually assisted me in my music career; he is a Muslim. He gave me that money the first time we met, and he did it without my asking him to.