Moesha Budoung has now regretted her choice to break off her relationship with the married guy who had previously paid for her extravagant lifestyle and made her feel cherished.

She regrets insulting the man’s dignity when she relapsed and began spouting all kinds of unfounded accusations against him.

In her career as a socialite, Moesha admitted that she had never met a man who did everything perfectly and completely won her over.

During an appearance on the Delay Show, Moesha revealed she wished she could go back in time and undo the mistakes she committed in an effort to recapture the aforementioned man.

Everything I said at the partially finished building wasn’t true. With any married man, I never had a negative relationship.

“He was wonderful to me and everything. In a Range Rover, I was having a good time. I like exploring the globe on the road.”

I don’t know how I ended up disparaging a relationship that changed me as a person. I fell in love with him because of him. He was unique to me, and I felt special because of him.

“He impacted how I lived. I don’t understand why I felt the need to travel and preach there to give the impression that I wasn’t a happy person,” Moesha said.