Actor Oboy Siki of Kumawood claims that gospel singer Diana Asamoah’s views on fashion have evolved from her previous statements.


He mentioned that Diana had once preached against Christians dressing stylishly, pointing out that it is not a prerequisite for spiritual development.

Oboy Siki went on to say that the gospel singer’s public appearance has changed significantly since she rose to fame because of how stylish she has become.


The performer emphasised that wearing fashionable clothing is not a sin for a Christian. But, it becomes problematic when the clothing allows for the possibility of indecent bodily exposure, as this could tempt someone.


“Asamoah Diana has evolved. Look at what she is doing now; in the past, she would preach against certain things, like how to dress. She used to speak insanely against fashion, but now that she understands Christianity better, she understands it better.

She now realises that while dressing modestly in keeping with Christian principles is appropriate, baring one’s body is the real issue. In an interview with Angel FM that Remedi Entertainment listened to, he stated, “There are some Christians who, because they are not wealthy, speak anyway, but later they do what pleases them.”


In light of Diana’s status as an evangelist and gospel artist, the public’s disapproval of her recent stylish ensembles has prompted him to make this statement