US-based Nigerian bodybuilder, Michael Chidozie has died after being shot multiple times by his wife, Keaiirra Shavoiyae Chidozie.

Michael, 26 was gunned down by his wife in the middle of an argument in front of their children in their home in Houston on March 21.

Micheal was said to have gotten into an argument with his wife that began to escalate quickly. She then took out a handgun and shot the bodybuilder multiple times.

He was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital after police found him with gunshot wounds and his wife in a panic situation in a nearby parking lot holding their two kids, aged three and two.

Police later detained the wife and charged her for her role in the shooting while the children were taken into care by a family member.

Chidozie lingered on life support but suffered a devastating spinal injury and died of complications 18 days later.

Keaiirra, 28 has been released on bail and is set to next face court on May 23.