Ghanaian actor Yaw Dabo, in an interview, shared his perspective on the recently reported accident involving fellow diminutive actor Don Little, downplaying the incident and speaking highly of Don Little’s driving skills.


When asked about Don Little’s eligibility for a driving license, Yaw Dabo boldly supported his colleague, asserting that the actor was a skilled and responsible driver. Dabo dismissed concerns that Don Little’s stature might impact his ability behind the wheel.

Regardless of size, Yaw Dabo insisted that Don Little was a fantastic driver with over three years of driving experience. Dabo revealed Don Little’s capability to undertake long drives, including journeys from Accra to various regions.

According to Dabo, Don Little’s small stature has not hindered his control of the vehicle. Dabo felt calls for the actor not to drive was discriminatory, emphasizing that driving competence should not be judged based on physical appearance.