Afua Asantewaa, known for her Guinness World Record sing-a-thon attempt, has suggested a potential reason for her disqualification.

According to her, “Dumsor” could be a possible reason why her attempt was disqualified.

Speaking in an interview on United Showbiz, the Guinness World Record sing-a-thon attemptee stated that there was a plant before she started her attempt, but immediately she started, the plant was taken away.

She revealed that even though a good samaritan offered to give them a plant, too many lights off and on spoiled the plant.

According to her, apart from the lights going on and off, there was a time when the light went off for about an hour, saying that her management team would be the best people to give more details about it because she was busy during her sing-a-thon attempt.

“At Akwaaba village there was a plant, but it was taken away. But we had someone who sponsored us with a generator. There was a day when the light went off and when they were switching, it caught fire. It was ECG. The lights went off and I will say that it was 10 minutes. Honestly, if you ask me I think GTA and my team will be the best people to answer because, at that time, I wouldn’t know the best period when it happened. Everything was off, the time, DJ, everything. The light went off for an hour. You asked that at the point when the lights went off, I believed the attempt had failed, right? The motive of this attempt was not to give up. Let me establish a point…Even when my voice went off I could have stopped,” she said.

The internet sensation claims “As human as I am, I felt it but there are two sides to it. When I even lost my voice…It got to a point where my voice went off and I couldn’t talk at all. With that, I did more than five five-minute breaks, that was the first one I encountered. However, what I know is that regardless of the challenge finish the attempt. Even those who entered the box…”.

On Friday, February 23, 2024, the Guinness World Records announced that Ghana’s Afua Asantewaa failed to break the longest singing marathon she attempted in December 2023