Heaps of uncollected solid waste within Akyem oda in the Birim Central Municipality of the Eastern Region have triggered fears of a possible cholera outbreak in the area if immediate action is not taken.

Traders around Akotomoliase, a suburb in the area, say a timely collection of waste from containers in the area has been a challenge over the past two months despite, paying for such services. They, therefore, have to battle with unbearable stench and breed of mosquitoes from the overflowing waste container, which is situated a few metres from their trading centre.

They fear a possible outbreak of cholera if authorities fail to collect the waste from the containers.

According to the traders, they spend most of their time at the place for their daily routine and the insanitary condition of the area is a source of worry to them, hence the appeal for urgent action from authorities. Most of us often complain of malaria, one of the traders said.

They stressed that the insanitary condition in the area has affected their sales as the unbearable stench drives away potential customers.


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