The people of Akyem Aboabo in the Birim Central Municipality of Eastern region have threatened to halt every political campaign or rally by political parties in the country especially the New Political Party after government failed to continue their town roads work which started two years ago but has been abandoned and posing danger on residents.

They lamented that, it is very embarrassing to have a whole municipal chief executive for Birim Central Municipality as resident of Akyem Aboabo but really said to see people especially children, old men and women falling into gutters being dug by the contractor and abandoned in the center of the town, hence the people through the leadership of “Akyem Aboabo Royals Association” have made a silver contribution to continue construction of the abandoned gutters and also find ways and means to do the roads as well.

The chairman of Akyem Aboabo Royals Association Mr. Kojo Mensah Adakwa spoke to the media and called on indigenes of Akyem Aboabo living in other parts of the country and abroad to come and support them to carry this rescuing mission project for their beloved community.
He also hinted that the Akyem Aboabo Royals Association in discussion with the people of Akyem Aboabo have decided to build a factory in the town therefore they should come and help as well.

Mr. Kojo Mensah Adakwa and the good people of Akyem Aboabo spoke to the media during the gathering for “Akyem Aboabo people’s assembly” held at the forecourt of Akyem Aboabo chief’s palace under the theme; “Let’s talk about development”.


Some residents of Akyem Aboabo who attended the Akyem Aboabo people’s assembly gathering spoke to the media and expressed their grievances concerning the abandoned town roads project by government which is posing danger on residents lives and have warned all political parties to dare not come to the town for any political campaign or rally.

Source: Kwabena Ofori