The district chief executive for Akyemansa district in the Eastern region; Hon. Paul Asamoah Gyemah and his police galamsey taskforce team led by the Akyemansa district police commander; Superetendant George Bawa have burnt twenty chamfine machines and other equipments meant for galamsey activities on the Pra river in the Amantia community.

Speaking to the media, Hon. Paul Asamoah Gyemah divulged that he as the DCE of the district together with the police and all concerned people have tried several means to halt the activities of illegal miners on the Pra river in the Akyemansa district where they share boundary with the Ashanti region but it seems not to be yielding a positive results because the illegal miners seems not to halt their activities.

He added that most of the local community “Okada riders” serve as informants to these illegal miners and anytime the district anti galamsey taskforce prepare for operation in the galamsey sites then they run to inform them at their sites and by the time the taskforce team get there all the illegal miners have ran away.

He has therefore called on every Ghanaian who claim to have the galamsey fight at heart to come together to halt the activities of these illegal miners which have destroyed all our water bodies to the extent that if care is not taken, Ghana will be importing larger quantities of water from other countries.


He further revealed that some landlords in the communities around the Pra river where illegal miners are operating seems not to be helping the national galamsey fight because they rent their houses to these illegal miners of which most of them are foreigners from neighboring African countries, therefore such landlords will be arrested together with those illegal miners when they are cought.

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Source: Kwabena Ofori