The Guinness World Record for the longest Singing Marathon by an individual last over 105 hours was achieved by Sunil Waghmare in India.


A Ghanaian lady, Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum is set to break a Guinness record for longest singing marathon this December

She is expected to sing for over 117hours or more in order to break the current world record which stands at 105hours and happened in 2012.

She’s not to repeat songs and each song will not be more or less than 2mins. Meaning she’s going to sing over 3,200 Ghanaian songs if she’s to break the current record.

This attempt is strictly for Ghanaian songs. She is doing this to promote Ghanaian music, from Gospel to High Life to Hip Life to Azonto to Afrobeats and etc.

Afua needs our support and we must support her.

Go Afua, Go Ghana 🇬🇭 🎤 🎶