Highlife act Kuami Eugene is hitting back at critics who question his fashion sense, asserting that his style is a conscious sacrifice aimed at securing a brighter future for his family.

The Lynx Entertainment signee and 2020 VGMA Artiste of the Year during a recent Live TikTok session with Nana Donkor Arthur revealed that his fashion choices are not haphazard but a deliberate trade-off to uplift his family from the struggles they faced.

The Monica crooner when asked why remains unperturbed about critics who come at him for his ‘poor fashion sense’ explained that his commitment to ensuring a better life for his family takes precedence over indulging in a more extravagant lifestyle.

Sharing the hurdles he went through in the early stages of his career and how he vowed to do all he could to change his story, he told the host that his family did not have a proper place of abode and he could not overlook that for a lavish lifestyle for himself.

“I vowed to make sure my family are living their best life before I focus on my fashion lifestyle due to my past experiences. When I sang my hit song, ‘Angela’, we were still struggling. I was still taking ‘Trotro’ during that time. After ‘Angela’, My first travel to UK was when I started seeing some big money and I had to change my family with the money first before I started focusing on my lifestyle. If I wasn’t dressing good and all that was because I had to change the destiny of my family first before coming to myself,” he said.

He expressed satisfaction saying: “Now my mum owns a house, rides her own car, before we were sleeping in a box at Kaneshie but now things have changed. All my siblings now have their own cars. Now everyone is living well so even if I’m enjoying my life now they understand because I have built up my family well.”

He urged critics to consider the context of his choices before passing judgment, stating, “I’m just hoping that before you talk about someone or attack, you need to think about the person’s situation.”