Himself a little person, Kumawood actor, Kwame Ahienfie, has surprisingly disclosed that he is not attracted to short girls.

According to him, he always goes in for ladies with “giant” statures since they are his spec.

Speaking on Delay’s show, Kwame disclosed that he has been in various romantic relationships but none ended in marriage since his tight schedule as a movie actor always prevents him from showering his partner the needed attention.

” As a short person, I don’t need to go in for a short partner. It doesn’t work that way because it’s not a good match. My longest relationship lasted for three months because I was away on a movie set and my girlfriend who was starved from attention could not take it any longer,” he said.

He also took the opportunity to clear the air about dating a ‘short’ girl he often posts on social media.

“She is my partner and not my girlfriend, he said. We are often seen together because we pay visit to each other, eat and talk about life,” he said.

Kwame Ahenfie says he is less busy now and can handle can handle a relationship which could lead to marriage.