The Founder and the leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Rev.Obofour has stated that, there are no authentic men of God or healers in Ghana.

“He addressed his followers, expressing that he has a newfound purpose to share his beliefs and encouraged them to strengthen their belief in God.”

Rev. Obofour clarified that his comments do not target any specific pastor or church, but instead emphasize the importance of believers putting their trust in God rather than in religious figures.

“He alleged that numerous pastors were involved in scandals and deceitful actions in their personal lives while pretending to be virtuous in front of their followers.”

“Rev. Obofour claimed that many of the pastors whom you have faith in have not been successful and are dealing with their own personal problems.

He mentioned that some of them are committing adultery, participating in threesomes, engaging in fraudulent activities, and being involved in illegal actions with the help of the government.

Additionally, he stated that some of these pastors are manipulative deceivers.”

He commented that the church’s primary emphasis has moved toward finances instead of true spirituality and salvation, which he feels has compromised the genuineness of spiritual guidance in Ghana.

“Genuineness has disappeared in Ghana, Instead of getting caught up in the charisma of preachers, Rev. Obofour suggests focusing on your own faith and salvation until God intervenes with his spirit.”

Rev. Obofour mentioned that smaller, newer churches have the potential for true spiritual development compared to larger, well-known ones.

He encouraged followers to focus on their connection with the Divine, complete their religious obligations, and trust in God for judgment.

He mentioned that we are all sinners in the eyes of the Lord and none of us are worthy before God, so we should do our best and leave the final judgment to God.