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I am the writer of ‘Waye Me Yie’ not Nacee – Piesie Esther sets the record straight


Gospel Artiste, Piesie Esther, has debunked the controversy surrounding her hit song ‘Waye Me Yie’ and firmly asserted her position as the original songwriter.

Despite reports suggesting the involvement of her colleague and sound engineer, Nacee in the creation of the popular hit, Piesie Esther emphasized that she alone penned the lyrics in a recent interview on Onua TV.

Addressing the issue, Piesie Esther expressed doubt that Nacee would claim credit for her work, stating, “I am not sure Nacee said that because people are fond of twisting messages. I wrote the entire song, and Nacee can tell you that. Nacee is aware of how I got the message but you know how it is, working with a sound engineer. I am not sure Nacee will say that he is the one behind the song. They have twisted his words.”

Nacee had previously shared insights about the song in an interview with Kofi Adomah, explaining how he declined Piesie Esther’s offer to feature on the track.

“I sang in Fante and Piesie in Twi; I had already created that side when she came in, the reason why you hear Fante in the song. I thought that was enough signature for people to know it was Nacee behind it, but because they didn’t hear my line, no one figured it out, which is good,” he pointed out.

He stated that he chose not to take the spotlight for his work based on divine guidance.

“God directed me to go behind the scenes and support her, his word was not for me to take the shine and she was so touched. She is out with an ‘All Stars’ for the song, but I still decided not to be a part of it,” he explained.

But in a quick rebuttal, Piesie Esther made it clear that no one can lay claim to her song, particularly ‘Waye Me Yie’ and went ahead to acknowledge Nacee’s support and contributions to her music career.

She emphasized that Nacee’s involvement was primarily in a supportive role as a sound engineer.

Piesie Esther further praised Nacee for his assistance and stated, “The Nacee that I know will not make such utterances. He will tell no lies, the Nacee that I know will never do that… help in many ways, that I can’t dispute. Once you go to him for recording, you will come back with the best… he brought so many ideas on board, he suggested that I use ‘God of Enoch’ in my song.”

Despite the clarification, the controversy has sparked discussions within the music industry, with fans and industry insiders weighing in on the matter.

The videos of the interviews have garnered significant attention, highlighting the ongoing interest in the story behind ‘Waye Me Yie’.

Cc: TV3 Ghana

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