Kumawood Actor Don Little from Ghana has admitted to having slept with numerous women.

In a recent interview with Delay, he revealed this startling discovery.

He claims that since he rose to fame, he has lost track of how many women he has had sexual relations with.

He added that social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, is how he typically engages with these women.

In order to prevent rumors from spreading, the actor added that he typically meets dates and gives them a hotel room kiss.

Additionally, he claimed to be able to locate a brief stay at a low-cost motel for 30 GHC.

Don Little said that all he wants to do is ejaculate when asked if the women liked it.

He went on to say that after he hits that climax, he doesn’t give a damn about what the women think.

Don Little said that usually it’s the ladies who initiate contact with him, not the other way around.