Fella Makafui has refuted allegations that she has used artificial methods to enhance her body.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is popular among Ghanaian celebrities for body enhancement, but Makafui insists she should not be included in this category of Ghanaian socialites who have undergone such procedures.

Fella Makafui refutes the allegations by stating that she inherited all her assets from her mother and did not receive any assistance from a doctor.

During a discussion with Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix, she mentioned that she sees nothing inappropriate with her clothing choices and feels confident in her nice body.

When asked if she had undergone any enhancements, she clarified that she has not altered her body and has maintained the same figure since her entry into the entertainment industry in 2016, specifically from her appearance on YOLO.

“She described fluctuating in weight, mentioning that she has both gained and lost weight.

She then asked if the other person had ever seen her mother, noting that her mother is very well-endowed.”

Fella Makafui, who is known as one of the most targeted Ghanaian personalities, stated that she chooses to overlook false information and criticism on social media.

“I avoid reading the comments, I simply upload my posts and leave.

It’s tough to see what people say about me online.

They don’t really know me, it’s just social media.

What I portray on social media does not define who I am,” she explained.