Veteran Ghanaian actress Madam Grace Omaboe, known as Maame Dokono, shared her biggest regret with Delay. She mentions how she wishes she did not divorce her first husband. Citing that she was too immature to appreciate his kindness.

An old video of the actress detailing her past marriages has resurfaced again, with many sharing it, hoping her message will reach the masses.

“I have been married twice, but I suffered very much during the last one. I always say that if I knew how my second marriage would have turned out, I would have stayed with my first husband,” Maame Dokono told Delay.

Maame Dokono added that pressure from her differences with her first husband’s family and her ignorance pushed her to leave a good man. She revealed that although he is married to someone else, they have maintained a cordial relationship where he supports her when the need arises.

According to Mame Dokono, her second husband came with all the superficial things but did not treat her well.

“I always say that if I knew the intricacies of marriage that I know now, I wouldn’t have left him ( her first husband).

“After leaving these two marriages, I want to devote my life to helping underprivileged women and children.”

Before ending the interview, Maame Dokono had some advice for Delay and single women all over. She said: “Be patient and marry a man who will understand you. A man who loves you. Not someone who will use his money and handsomeness to deceive you.

“Communicate with him so that you can understand each other. Don’t be too proud. Time changes. Be humble and find a good man. Good men are scarce, so when you find one, cherish him like an egg.”


Cc: TV3 Ghana