Ghanaian actor and comedian, Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, who is more commonly known as Dr. Likee, has recently revealed surprising information about his previous experiences.

In an interview with actress Emelia Brobbey on her Okukuseku show, Dr. Likee admitted to participating in illegal drug trafficking.

The actor shared that he was first exposed to the drug business by a man he looked up to as his superior, who had come back from America.

He became involved in the illegal drug business and lived a lavish life because he needed money and a job.

He stated that he recommended former prisoners to steer clear of armed robbery and participate in drug trafficking instead, as it was less fatal.

“He then confessed to being frequently arrested and disclosed that he had been found guilty six times for participating in drug trafficking.”

While on the streets, the main goal is to earn money, and this can be achieved through various means other than resorting to armed robbery.

For instance, one can take the risk of selling illegal drugs.

I had a routine of visiting the police station every week due to being frequently arrested.

“He explained that he could potentially redirect someone who has been released from prison toward the illegal drug trade instead of turning to theft.

In the drug industry, there is less physical violence if caught, unlike in robbery where the consequences can be deadly.

He described the drug trade as highly profitable.”

Ebenezer mentioned that there was a time when he had trust issues and doubted everyone, including his mother and girlfriend, because of his line of work.

“He shared a story about how his close friend wrongly accused him of being an armed robber due to his unusual work schedule of being at home during the day and working at night.

Despite facing challenges in the past, Dr. Likee has managed to bounce back and is currently a respected actor in the Kumawood film industry.”