Dr. Louisa Satekra, Wife of internationally recognized Afro-Dancehall artiste, philanthropist an entrepreneur, stonebowy has been named as brand ambassador for Verna Mineral Water — one of best bottled water across the African continent produced by the Twellium Company Limited.

In a beautiful ceremony held in Nsawam in the Eastern region of Ghana, the highly intelligent woman was unveiled with the responsibility of promoting the company’s image, educate both old and new customers about the products, maintain a positive image of the brand to increase brand awareness.

In a brief engagement with the media, she expressed excitement for such opportunity to contribute to the growth of the brand and the entire company. She also spoke about her readiness and commitment towards her new role.

“It’s an honor to be part of the Twillium Family, we share similar values in terms of giving back to society, I love the fact that this company supports industrialization which is very important. My affiliation with Verna Mineral Water is very close to my heart because it’s the only water brand that is backed by the Ghana Medical Association”

Mrs. Louisa Ashong-Satekla is medical doctor with specialization in dentistry. In 2021 she was name “Ghana Outstanding Woman in Health” from the Ghana Outstanding Women Awards. She’s known for her philanthropic activities and amazing works she is doing the health sector.

Verna Mineral Water is produced and marketed primarily in Ghana and it considered by reviewers to be among the top selling bottled water brands in Ghana. It appeared on the market in 2014. In 2017, Verna Natural Mineral Water underwent a rebranding exercise in line with market trends; focusing on its style and appeal to the younger generation.

The plastic bottle containers now involved the display of blue and pink colors on its paper labeling, a pronounced logo for the product, and a yoghurt-pink colored cap. The rebranding of Verna Natural Mineral Water also reflected a logo of the “Changing Lives” social action project associated with the brand. In June 2019, Verna Natural Mineral Water won the product of the year award in at the third edition of Ghana Manufacturing Awards.

Verna Natural Mineral Water offers a poverty intervention program dubbed “Changing Lives” as part of its corporate social responsibility to support the underprivileged and vulnerable members of society. Changing Lives is organised around a television series made up of different episodes, where each episode tells a different story of a successful intervention project the company has carried out.

Beneficiaries of Changing Lives have included autistic patients who have received mentorship support from role models to enable them build a career.

Cc: Kobby Kyei