Nicki Minaj will be coming to Ghana to work with a Ghanaian artist on a project.

This was how she answered a question on her IG live session about the probability of visiting Ghana.

The highly-rated female rapper said she already has plans to visit Ghana and would not hesitate to fly down when the opportune moment comes.

Nicki Minaj’s good news to Ghanaians was that she would also be working with a Ghanaian act, business-wise, when she eventually toches down or probably even before she comes to Ghana.

“I would love to come to Ghana.” I may be doing something major, a business type of situation, with an artist from Ghana,” she revealed.

Already, Ghana has attracted top celebrities and personalities worldwide in the past few years.

The likes of Steve Harvey, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, and Usher have all been to Ghana, so it would be a great honour for Nicki Minaj to step foot here.