One may have anticipated things to go well for him as he follows in the footsteps of the “Akwaboahs” to pursue a career in music given that his family, from his grandfather Kwabena Akwaboah through his father Akwaboah Snr., has provided Ghana with great singers.

Contrary to what is implied, Akwaboah’s situation was not ideal, particularly when he wanted to go from being an instrumentalist to an artist.

He said that he had to pay the price of “staying hungry for the year to become an artist” in an exclusive interview with Valerie Danso on the GTV Breakfast Show, which included not having enough money to support himself.

“Playing an instrument for individuals who will only pay you a little money made me decide not to pursue this career again. I practically had nothing when I got home, and I didn’t even have any money to spend. I remained behind to compose my music. “When people ask me to perform as an instrumentalist, I always decline since I want to be an artist and have been homeless for almost a year,” he added.

The highlife musician continued by saying that it took him seven years to develop his brand to where it is today and gave emerging artists the advice to avoid following fads in favor of taking their time to “cook” their individual crafts.