Gospel musician and sound engineer Morris Babyface has taken a swipe at some Gospel musicians in the country saying they are only after money and fame.

According to him in a report by ghpage, not all the people doing gospel music are true born-again Christians or staunch Christians and as such are not doing the will of God.

He went on to say that he knows a musician who after years in the hiplife genre decided to venture into gospel music because he wasn’t getting recognised or making money from his song.

He said: “It’s not everyone who calls themselves a gospel singer that is a staunch born-again Christian or who want to do what Christ wants.”

“I know someone that those days maybe they have recorded Hiplife but still not getting their breakthrough and can say that I’ll change and do gospel.

“So the mindset of the person isn’t a good one about doing a song in Christ to win souls but rather it’s about money and fame that’s why the person is doing gospel,” he disclosed.

“There are a lot of people who call themselves gospel musicians but are doing the same thing like this and do things anyhow and are so wicked,” he posited.