Veteran Ghanaian actor Fred Amugi believes our culture is being undermined by the proliferation of foreign telenovelas airing on local TV networks.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Graphic, Mr. Amugi said if action is not taken, the inflow of these soap operas could result in the erosion of Ghanaian culture.

The constant showing of foreign telenovelas, even translated into local languages, undermines our own culture. It’s like showing an Indian actor speaking Twi and worshipping their goddess! This is not good for our future, especially our children. We need to stop loving cheap things and start valuing our own creativity,” he said.

According to Mr. Amugi, foreign telenovelas are thriving in Ghana due to the industry’s lack of cohesion and cooperation, which impedes the creation of superior films that can compete on a continental scale.

“The film industry in Ghana needs unity. Right now, everyone is working alone because they’re afraid of being copied or stolen from. But the truth is, no matter how much we know, someone else always knows more. If we work in unity, we could make great films that showcase our different talents and perspectives,” he said.

Mr Amugi’s concerns about the popularity of foreign telenovelas on local TV resonates with the concerns and debates by many about the impact of globalisation on local cultures.

Local cultures are fading away because of the large impact the world’s interconnectedness has brought.

There is a decline in the production of local content because many TV stations choose the simpler, less expensive, and more profitable option of dubbing foreign content into local languages rather than paying for local content.

This has also promoted the proliferation of foreign telenovelas on local TV stations in Ghana.

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