Popular Highlife musician, Ofori Amponsah, has a concern about how the dead are celebrated more than the living in Ghana.

He complained about this attitude of Ghanaians on Onua Showtime With McBrown.

The ‘Odo Nti’ singer advised Ghanaians to celebrate others when they are alive.

“Sometimes people want you to die before they celebrate you and say oh as for this guy he was good. I really don’t like funerals that much, so I rarely attend.

“I believe in celebrating the living. If someone wants a cup of water, offer it to them, don’t wait for them to leave this earth before you go and buy stuff for their funeral,” he said.

“You can ask someone for 1 cedi and they’ll not give you but wait and let me die, they’ll find large sums of money to buy a coffin or give donations, I don’t understand this behaviour, we really need to celebrate the living,” Ofori Amponsah added.

He will celebrate his 25 years as a musician in 2024.