Renowned Kumawood actor, Akwasi Boadi popularly known as Akrobeto is advising socialite, Efia Odo to refrain from making unpleasant comments about men she deems not fit in her class as the choice of partners because they are poor.

Stating his views during the Real News programme on UTV recently, the well-admired actor said the mantra of “no one knows tomorrow” should guide Efia Odo to be prudent with her sayings about men she perceives to be poor.

Akrobeto’s comments follow recent remarks by Efia Odo that she will never consider dating a man who is still “trying in life.”

The popular social media icon made this known during a ‘Keeping it 100’ podcast on relationships, financial expectations, and societal norms last week.

On the said programme, she made it clear that she has passed the stage where she accepts meagre allowances from men simply because they are not financially sound to meet her demands.

Efia Odo stated that she has no business settling down with a man earning ¢3,000 and such men equally have no business talking to her.

However, Akrobeto thinks Efia’s posture is not the best considering that the financial condition of the poor man could change in a few years.

Narrating a personal story to cushion his argument, Akrobeto explained that a girlfriend in his youthful days ditched him for a rich guy but today, he is a successful man with his fame spanning beyond Ghana.

“Efia, let me tell you something. Efia, nobody knows tomorrow as I always say. What we see today will be different from what we see tomorrow. As you see Boamah hustling today, in two to three years later, Boamah will change, and things will turn out well for Boamah.

“You should remember that you were once unpopular in Ghana but as time went by, people got to know you. This also implies that the man you think does not have money will one day make it in life.

“I have hustled before. The lady I was with through my hustle was in America but she left me because she felt I was nobody. But today, if not for anything, my name is being mentioned in Ghana and other countries. So, nobody knows tomorrow,” he stated.

Cc: JoyNews