Oboy Siki, who recently caused a stir on the internet with his controversial comments about Agya Koo’s mansion, has now publicly admitted that his remarks were planned to gain attention.

It should be recalled that after Agya Koo unveiled his alleged $1 million mansion on his birthday, Oboy Siki, in an exclusive interview claimed that the actor funded the extravagant property with money he received for endorsing Nana Addo’s candidacy in 2016 and 2020 elections.

However, Oboy Siki has made a shocking revelation, confessing that he intentionally orchestrated the attack on Agya Koo.

During an interview on Angel FM, he disclosed that he had collaborated with Big Akwes to initiate the derogatory remarks.

However, due to Big Akwes’ hesitation, he took it upon himself to lead the charge and make the negative comments.

Furthermore, he confessed that he and Big Akwes often plan to target innocent celebrities who are successful to generate social media attention.

Oboy Siki referred to Big Akwes’ recent feud with Oboy Frank Nero to strengthen his statement, highlighting their intentional efforts to create controversies for personal gain.

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