This year’s flagship TV reality show aired on one of Ghana’s biggest television stations, TV3, Mentor has come to an end.

Alatevi Korbla John , Known as Byno on the TV3 Mentor stage have been adjudged the winner of the eleventh edition of music reality show, Mentor.

Byno’s dual mastery of the trumpet and vocals created a musical alchemy that brought Lucky Dube’s 1992 hit to life in an entirely new light. Not only did he secure the Star Performer title over the weeks, but he also became a multiple award winner of this prestigious accolade.

A three-time Star performer on the show which begun weeeks ago, Byno Ayoni, beat competition from 6CA, L Boat, and Majesti and Hy5 to emerge the winner of the enviable and prestigious competition which has churn out tons of music talents unto the Ghanaian music scenes.

The choice of a reggae song added layers of depth to the performance, as the genre often serves as a vessel for conveying messages of love, unity, and resilience. Byno, through his dance, translated these themes into a personal narrative that resonated with the collective human experience.

Mentor, known for providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and share their stories, became the perfect stage for Byno to create a connection beyond the dance floor. His emotional performance not only showcased his skill as a dancer but also revealed his ability to use art as a medium for healing and self-expression.

In a world where art has the capacity to bridge gaps and touch hearts, Byno’s performance on the Mentor stage stands as a testament to the transformative nature of music and dance. Through this emotional journey, Byno invites us all to reflect on the power of resilience, the beauty of self-expression, and the universal need for connection. Watch the video and experience the emotional depth of Byno’s dance on the Mentor stage.