Fast-rising Emmanuel Kweku Darlington, a popular Ghanaian Hiplife artist, has stated that he had to borrow money from QwikLoan in order to go back to Accra after filming his hit music video.

To go back to Accra after filming the “Sika Aba Fie” music video, we had to apply for a QwikLoan.

For the video, we even sacrificed our last few dollars. Kweku Darlington said, “I was in my room for nearly two weeks without meals before the release of the song.”

The two-year-old “Sika Aba Fie” by Kweku Darlington has been a huge success on the streets of the country and has earned him several awards and accolades abroad.

Similarly, Kweku Darlington was able to share the stage with other international acts on larger stages.

Over a million people have seen the video since it was posted on YouTube a year ago, and tens of millions more have streamed it on other music streaming services.