Funny Face, the stand-up comedian, and actor, has disclosed that he has entirely recovered from the depression episodes he underwent and which almost cost him his life and blossoming career.

In an interview with 3FM, the comic stated that he was ready to return to comedy and other endeavors after reinventing himself and conquering his mental obstacles.

“The adventure has been great. God has been gracious, but you know that sometimes when He asks you to do something on a particular level as a human, you won’t understand. God will then bring you back, change you, and shape you once again. That is what happened, he said, and we are once again in the presence of God’s glory.

Funny Face continued by saying that after years of off-stage absence due to spells of depression, his rehabilitation has made him realize the importance of helping people who are dealing with similar issues.

The moment you start talking about it, the moment you relate your tale via humor, it implies you’re healed, and you can laugh at the whole thing.” “I will make it my mission to inform people about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for depression, as well as how to get help for such bouts,” he continued.