Abrantie Amakye Dede has discussed how the next generation of artists are generating income.

He said that social media and digital platforms are assisting newcomers in the creative business to quickly generate money in an interview seen by MyNewsGh.com’s Amansan Krakye.

He said on KESBen TV that „you can see that the fresh generation of musicians are making a lot of money these days even if they might not have even done a lot of songs in the music industry.“

The little that they have been able to do in the showbiz business in a short period of time and they wind up collecting millions of dollars all due to social media and streaming, he continued.

Amakye Dede has performed in front of large crowds both domestically and abroad. He produced almost 20 albums. He experimented with various musical genres in his later career, including soca, calypso, lovers rock, and pop.

But he added, „There was nothing like social media in our time, and I can guarantee that if we had these internet and social media platforms back then, we would have accomplished much more in the music scene.