A visually impaired 18 year old Maame Serwaa who was sexually taken advantage off gave birth to twins boys and was in dying need of support. especially shelter.

But through the help received from followers and friends of a Philanthropist called Etwereso Hemaa, a newly built and completed single room self contain has been erected to accommodate Maame Serwaa and her babies.
Though the process of building and completing a house in less than two weeks was not easy, the attempt to help Maame Serwaa and her babies has been very successful. For the rest of her life, this vulnerable visually impaired 18 year old would not have to struggle to find shelter for her self and her babies.

Etwereso Hemaa Official write this on Facebook page after handing the over the house to Maame Serwaa;

“Thank you Ghanaian home and abroad and all followers of Etwereso Hemaa Official and Etwereso Hemaa Foundation on Facebook.
God bless you.


See the photos below;